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๐Ÿšฒ Bublr Bikes Savvy Cycling Classes at Rock the Green's Earth Day Celebration

All participants receive a FREE 30-Day Bublr Pass and a FREE helmet.

Register in advance, spots are limited to 15 per class

Learn how to use the Bublr Bike System and how to be a more confident urban cyclist at Rock the Green's 12th Annual Earth Day Celebration Presented by Milwaukee Riverkeeper on Saturday, April 22 from Noon-3pm at the Harley-Davidson Museum. Two Savvy Cycling classes will be offered at 12pm and 1:30pm, spots are limited to 15 per class, registration links are below.

Bublr has 108 stations across Milwaukee, West Allis, and Wauwatosa. Bublr is a great way to get to the bus stop (80% of our stations are co-located with MCTS stops), get to work, get to school, run an errand, or explore some of Milwaukee's great sights.

But if you've never used a Bublr or aren't used to riding in the city it can be a bit intimidating to some. These classes are designed to help you feel more confident using Bublr and riding in the city. At the classes Bublr staff will show you step by step how to check out a Bublr Bike, how to use the app, how to give the bike a check over before riding, and how to adjust the bike.

Bublr staff will give you an overview of bicycle rules of the road as well as best practices for safe riding. Afterwards youโ€™ll do a few skills drills to practice what youโ€™ve learned and then take a short ride on the Hank Aaron State Trail.

All participants receive a FREE 30-Day Bublr Pass and a FREE helmet.

Classes limited to 15 participants, all participants must be at least 14 years old and participants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.



12PM Savvy Cyclist Registration



About Bublr

Bublr Bikes is Greater Milwaukee's nonprofit bikeshare program! With Bublr Bikes, you can take a bike from one Bublr Station, enjoy a quick ride anywhere, and return the bike to a nearby Bublr Station. There are over 100 stations in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and West Allis! Hop on and #ExploreMKE

๐Ÿšฒ Our Vision Bicycles are an accessible, convenient and integrated travel option for everyone.

๐Ÿšฒ Our Mission Bublr Bikes delivers a sustainable excellent bikeshare system for all.

๐Ÿšฒ Our Mission In Action Develop an Inter-Municipal System of Large Scale Bublr Bikes has over 100 stations in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and West Allis.

๐Ÿšฒ Ensure Station Density and Connection Bublr Bikes will build a contiguous, inclusive network, expanding from central hubs into many neighborhoods. Bublr Stations are installed in locations based on the recommendations of neighborhood stakeholders.

๐Ÿšฒ Communicate Effectively with Customers Bublr Bikes will provide simple, easy-to-understand instructions for all of our potential riders โ€” residents, visitors, employees, etc. Bublr will provide English and Spanish content to connect with a variety of people and add other language options as the network expands.

๐Ÿšฒ Be Visible, Active, and Integrated Bublr Bikes will engage with the cityโ€™s diverse neighborhoods and cyclist groups, relying on on-the-ground insight to build the Bublr network and user base. Bublr will reflect Milwaukeeโ€™s diverse population through board participation, volunteer efforts, and an ongoing bicycle mechanic internship for Milwaukeeโ€™s youth.

๐Ÿšฒ Create an Accessible System Bublr Bikes is committed to creating a bike share system that is accessible to as many people as possible. A ride starts at $0.25 per minute. Subsidized and discounted passes are available to income-qualified individuals. Additionally, Bublrโ€™s how-to videos are closed captioned, Bublrโ€™s customer service line is equipped to receive text messages, and the Bublr website is compatible with screen reading software. Bublrโ€™s bikes are also designed to be rideable by as many people as possible, with low, step-through frames and upright seating. Bublr also provides Adaptive Cycles for riders with disabilities. These bikes include Side by Side and Single Seat tricycles and Handcycles.

๐Ÿšฒ Build Encouragement and Engagement Programs Bublr Bikes will develop programs โ€” including pass giveaways, safety education, and community outreach โ€” to encourage first-time riders to try Bublr. Bublr will customize programs to serve diverse audiences, recognizing the distinct barriers each audience may face when considering Bublr Bikes. For more information about how Bublr Bikes puts its Mission into action click here to read Bublr Bikesโ€™ Annual Reports

Learn more about Bublr bikes at


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Nov 07, 2023

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Tiffani Oconnor
Tiffani Oconnor
Sep 19, 2023

The thoughts and opinions submitted by stakeholders within each community will be taken into consideration to determine whether or not Bublr Stations will be installed there. connections puzzle

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