Garden season starts in the Spring

Rock the Green feature blogger, Becky Migas, takes a closer look at gardening and options for you if you don’t have access to a bit of earth of your own. Even though parts of the Midwest are still covered in snow and frost during the spring months of March through May, it is the perfect time to start planning for a summer garden. By doing a little research and becoming educated on options anyone can become a garden pro and have access to fresh, clean food for their family and friends. As Gretchen Mead of Victory Garden Initiative says in a video, “We can make a better world by growing our own food.” So here are some tips and ideas on how to start rocking your garden! Planning Process The pla

It’s time for a Green Spring Clean

It’s time for a Green Spring Clean The snow is finally melting away and spring is around the corner with sunny days and warm weather. While staying warm during the cold months with the windows tightly closed, toxins have had the opportunity to build up in the home affecting the air quality. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor pollutants can be up to 10 times higher than outdoor levels. Now is the time to consider effective and environmentally friendly practices to spring cleaning. Then, on the first warm day, throw open the windows, put on your favorite Rock the Green playlist and spring clean the home! Here are some tips to help: Green Cleaning Products There are many e






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