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"Rock the Green's mission about sustainability is unique and effective. It's a fun way to give a different perspective on the complexities of sustaining our planet by incorporating fun and education in something" -Ehson Rad

#RockTheStream: Get to know DEVIL MET CONTENTION ~ River Revitalization Foundation 🌅


Ehson's #rockthestream

May 21

"Devil Met Contention is a four piece modern rock group based in Milwaukee WI. Their front man Ehson has a distinctive mournful croon that is powerful & aches for something more. Coupled with David’s complex synth, rock & soul guitar roots, the music has texture and layers reminiscent of Springsteen & Bowie. DMC broadcasts an Art-Rock sound cast in a modern light backed by killer rhythms and unique style. The Wait EP is the groups first completely independent release and is available on all digital platforms."


May 21, 2020 @ 7pm CDT

About River Revitalization Foundation

River Revitalization Foundation (RRF) is an urban rivers land trust determined to preserve and improve greenspaces for public access by protecting plants, trees, and wildlife along Milwaukee's rivers.

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Released April 29

Rock the Green performance 2017 Sustainability Festival

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Photo Credit: Erol Reyal

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