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Olen Franklin Experience Band 

Rock the Stream

#RockTheStream: Get to Know Olen Franklin & Victory Garden Initiative

The Olen Franklin Experience Band debuted on New Year's Eve 2016 at Gibraltar Milwaukee. This high energy band consisted of four friends who worked together for many years playing with various artists in the city of Milwaukee. Throughout the years they have formed a bond like no other, so bringing their talents together to design this band was easy. Members of the band perform with many artists such as the Kevin Hayden Band, Cigarette Break, R&B Live House band, and Joe Jordan and Friends - just to name a few. What separates this unit from the others is the variety of different styles and genres of music - Jazz to Latin, R&B to Hip Hop. All members got developed their roots in the church, all still devote time to the church today. They feel it is important that they pay homage to where they came from and the church played a major role in that musical development.


Olen Franklin Experience Band are often the backing band for vocalist Marcya Danielle, a gifted vocalist that presents a wide range of music. This band has also traveled, recorded  and performed with National Recording Artist Wyclef Jean. The chemistry between this band and many vocalists that they have worked with like no other. Members include Terry Harris Jr on Keys, Alan Harris on Bass, Darrien Williams on Guitar, and occasionally Xavi Lynn on Guitar. 


July 30, 2020 @ 7pm CDT

Victory Garden Initiative

Victory Garden Initiative believes that every person, in every household, must connect to their food source, through the act of growing it.  This act reminds us that we are of the earth, that we cannot live without the earth, that our needs our met, not by the economy, but from the earth.  Growing food will re-integrate us with deep ecology, guiding our culture towards a sustainable, abundant future, freed from financial inequalities.

This is a grassroots movement. Move grass. Grow Food.

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