#RockTheStream: Get to know Brett Newski & Vivent Health

Mike Gifford, President, and CEO of Vivent Health (formerly AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin) made an acute observation on a recent Zoom call… “For many folks, we are dealing with a pandemic within a pandemic. For every one person who is diagnosed with COVID19 worldwide, there are 70 people who are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. For the populations we serve, this has become a real challenge.” Gifford is passionate about his organization, Vivent Health, and rightfully so. The organization, aimed at providing services to Milwaukeeans battling HIV/AIDS has been a stalwart community organization and lifeline for a myriad of folks who are in need of assistance. “Our mission at Vivent Health is abou

#RockTheStream: Get to know DEVIL MET CONTENTION ~ River Revitalization Foundation 🌅

Ehson Rad, lead singer and songwriter of the Milwaukee based rock quartet, Devil Met Contention has been thrown his share of curveballs of late due to the COVID19 pandemic. The group had been actively rehearsing and were set for a tour and big release show for their most recent EP, Wait. However, Devil Met Contention, like many other artists around our city, country, and the globe have been forced to step outside of the box and find new and innovative ways to showcase their music and connect with fans during these unprecedented times. “Wait is the first digital only release we’ve done,” Ehson Rad stated on a recent Zoom call. “We were set to do a big performance and have a physical album

Rockin' Recipe: Good City's Pilsner Beer Cheese Sauce 🍺 🧀

Mmmmmmmm, cheeeeeeeese. Ever wonder how Good City makes their delicious Good City Pils Mac & Cheese sauce? Chef Guy Davies shares the recipe for his Wisco sauce with just six ingredients to combine to make this decadent favorite. At Good City we use this versatile Beer Cheese sauce for everything from white pizza sauce to mac & cheese and a beer based pretzel dipping sauce. Ingredients: 1/4 lb Butter 1/4 lb Flour 1 Onion 1 Qt Milk 12 oz Can Good City Pilsner 1 lb Aged White Cheddar 1/2 tsp Allepo Chilli Powder Salt Technique: Peel and slice onions Melt butter in large saucepan and add sliced onions and allepo chilli powder Cook onions until translucent, stirring to avoid onions gaining color

Rockin' Recipe: Shully's Vegan Breakfast Cups 🥑

Vegan Breakfast Cups Garbanzo Sweet Potato Fritter Topped with Lime Chipotle “Aioli” & Soy Chorizo Chef, Hadley Shully, of family owned Shully's Cuisine & Catering, has a tasty breakfast recipe...we'd snack on these cups all day long! If you whip up these tasty morsels, send us a pic! Oven @350- one muffin tray, spray with oil. Appliances/ utensils to use: Food processor to blend breakfast cup base, Bullet or Hand Blender for flax puree, rubber spatula, ice cream scoop (3-4oz scoop), Med. Sauté pan for soy chorizo, Blender for Aioli, zester Recipe: Makes 10-12 Breakfast Cups Oil pan spray 2 Large (size of a softball) Sweet Potatoes, peeled, grated, toss 1 tsp salt, put in strainer, sit 5 mi

#RockTheStream: Get to know REYNA rocks with Girls Rock MKE 🤘

“If Girls Rock MKE was around when we were growing up, my sister Vic and I would have been at that camp in a heartbeat,” REYNA co-founder Gaby Banuelos stated with an ever-cheerful smile during a recent Zoom meeting to chat about their upcoming Rock the Stream performance this Thursday. Girls Rock MKE has been a wonderful venue for young people to become introduced to the idea of playing music together and being in a band. The now-famous Girls Rock MKE summer camps have been places that have helped launch local groups like Negative/Positive and Gas Station Sushi, both of whom have performed on the Pedal Power Stage at the 2017 Rock the Green Sustainability Festival. Girls Rock MKE Board Pre

#RockTheGreen: Get to know Lex Allen 🎤 ~ Teens Grow Greens 🥬

Interesting times call for creative measures for sure. Such is the case with rising Milwaukee musical star Lex Allen, as well as Charlie Uihlein and his non-profit group, Teens Grow Greens. While the social distancing and quarantine rules have caused the cancellation and/or postponement of so many people’s plans, it has not taken any of the passion out of these two amazing Milwaukeeans. Charlie Uihlein, a former high school teacher, noticed a need to teach life skills, interpersonal skills, and resume building skills to youth- topics that are not always covered directly within a high school curriculum. Uihlein started Teens Grow Greens, a program that teaches youth business skills, entrepr

Harley-Davidson’s Ride to Sustainability

What’s your company’s definition of sustainability and why is it important to you? Harley-Davidson’s sustainability vision is to “preserve and renew the freedom to ride” and one of our long-term company objectives is to grow our business without growing our environmental impact. At Harley-Davidson, sustainability is inclusive of all we do to ensure a sustainable future for the company, from our environmental and social impact to how we govern the business. For us, sustainability is also far more than just about the environment - it is one of the core principles driving our business. What are the most important sustainability issues your company deals with? We take seriously our responsibilit

#RockTheStream: Get to know Trapper Schoepp ~ Milwaukee Riverkeeper 🎤 🌎

Trapper Schoepp hit the airwaves this past Thursday for our inaugural performance in our “Rock the Stream” concert series to raise funds and benefit Milwaukee musicians & environmental nonprofits. Rock the Green pairs a Milwaukee musician/band with a local environmental nonprofit group in an effort to provide joy through music and awareness for our planet. Trapper was partnered with Milwaukee Riverkeeper, a grass-roots, science-based nonprofit working for swimmable fishable drinkable water in the Milwaukee River Basin. While in-person performances and group activities have been put on hold for the time being, human innovation, ingenuity and creativity continue to soar. “We can be socially di






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