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Streaming Now! 🎙
Rock the Green collaborated with our pals at Wisconsin Drunken History to chat all about the history of cycling in Wisco 🚲

Erik’s dogs chime in about green energy with Willy Porter...
Tom Schuler educates us on paved roads in Wisconsin...
James Davies’ band performed at Summerfest?!!


May 13th ~ 7 pm CDT

Willy Porter will be Rockin' the Stream at RTG's FB & YouTube


About WDH: Beginning in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, Russ Saari and Erik Sturgeon were schoolmates and friends before joining forces in the podcast world. In 2008 the duo would gain an even closer bond as musicians and bandmates working in tandem to write music they would eventually record and play live in clubs around the Madison and Milwaukee area. Amidst a pandemic, the pair found balance in podcasting about things they each loved: Wisconsin History and Culture, Wisconsin Products, and Wisconsin Music.


With such topics as outboard motors, guitars, farming, and brewing, Wisconsin Drunken History explores nearly all facets of Wisconsin’s midwestern lifestyle and manufacturing. The pair also explores many famous Wisconsin traditions including Friday fish fries, the brandy old-fashioned, UW Badgers “jump around,” and tailgating. 

Telling the stories behind giants such as Ariens, Harley-Davidson, Klement’s, Koss, Neenah Foundry, and a seemingly infinite number of craft breweries, the two minds behind Wisconsin Drunken History have educated listeners about nearly all the prominent manufacturers and figures in the state of Wisconsin and work to reinforce the importance of buying local and supporting brands with Wisconsin roots. Wisconsin Drunken History dives deep into our truly diverse beginnings and culture.


Russ and Erik incorporate Wisconsin’s eclectic and talented musicians into each podcast.

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