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#RockTheStream: Get to know KAYLEE CROSSFIRE, KIA RAP PRINCESS & TBEY Arts Center 🎤⚡️

Kaylee Crossfire is a singer/songwriter/rapper born and raised in Milwaukee. Kaylee has toured throughout the U.S. promoting her music independently and has created an amazing buzz that continues to grow. Kaylee Crossfire has made a global impact being a contestant on Netflix’s #1 Hit Music Competition Rhythm and Flow. She also has been involved in tv series such as Chicago PD, as well as Empire. Kaylee’s talents measure beyond the scope of entertainment, she is also the founder of the annual “Female Takeover Showcase” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is an event that shines a light on the many talented female artists and business owners in her community.

Kaylee Crossfire & Kia Rap Princess

Rock the Stream

Kia Rap Princess Born in Milwaukee, WI Female Hip-Hop Artist KRP (Kia Rap Princess) impresses with her versatility -- she's a singer, a rapper, and songwriter to say the least showcasing all of the above with her music catalog. Her witty lyrics, Unique Sound, and Impeccable flow, KRP brings a different element to the music industry.
KRP has performed in many states and stages. She is especially known in her hometown of Milwaukee as one of the most influential artists of their hiphop/music community. To Date, KRP has toured all over the U.S performing at different venues and at festivals such as A3C and SXSW. KRP has also been featured on festival stages in her hometown: Pridefest, FemFest, and Summerfest, to name a few.
This Artist/Songwriter has an extensive catalog ranging from Hard Bass hitting Club Anthems, to melodious r&b records. Check out KRP's latest releases "Issa Vibe", Latest Lp entitled #DYKE (Do You Keep Elevating) as well as "Grateful" (feat UNDER5ive)and #TheGameOflIfe.
Be sure to follow her Social Media to catch more live performance dates and for footage of past shows at 

KRP's YouTube Channel

Kia Rap Princess

'The Game of Life'


June 25, 2020 @ 7pm CDT

TBEY Arts Center, Inc.

TBEY's mission is to strengthen youth and young adults through exposure to the arts and opportunities for creative expression. Youth and young adults ages 6-19 receive professional arts instruction, enjoy performances and exhibits, and receive tutoring, mentoring and coaching to achieve academically and pursue their interest in the arts.


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I present to you #TheGameOfLife shot by @famousmotionfilms414  

I wrote this record in regard to the different tests and trials that we face on a daily basis. No one is exempt from tribulation but it is what you do in those times that will either make you triumphant or take you 10 steps back. It's your move. Speaking to everything that's going on in our society today, let's all put our best foot forward to change the history of this country and our people so that we as a nation can be triumphant in the progression of our future. 

Link to stream #TheGameOfLife on your favorite platform.

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