Green Travel

Green Travel. Isn’t that an oxymoron? Whether you fly or drive, hotel or camp, bike or trek, spa or sport, ski or sun – you’re leaving carbon footprints all over the place! Tourism is no doubt hard on the environment, but yet ironically enough it can be counterproductive to just stay home. Why? Because people are more likely to protect the planet if they are able to interact with it – all senses engaged. So go ahead and get away but try to do so in a way that reduces the impact of those footprints. Fortunately, this isn’t the feat it used to be thanks to the eruption of eco-tourism and budding green standards throughout the travel industry. Things have come a long way since the hotel industr

Picnic and barbeque in eco-style

Rock the Green feature blogger, Becky Migas, takes a closer look enjoying the summer picnic season in a more eco-conscious way. Memorial Day weekend is a perfect time for picnics and barbeques with family and friends. Outdoor activities are a way to connect with nature and the environment that surrounds us every day. However, those same activities may also be causing damage to that environment that we want to enjoy by creating a large amount of waste from food, paper products and plastic bottles. Nothing shows a greater love and appreciation for nature than having an environmentally friendly picnic or barbecue. So if you’re planning on being outdoors, or firing up that grill, here are some






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