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Kellen 'KLASSIK' Abston and Urban Ecology Center are generously donating their #RockTheStream proceeds

KLASSIK is donating his performance to #LiberateMKE, an initiative of African-American Roundtable


Urban Ecology Center is donating to Metcalfe Park Community Bridges


“Right now we are all in this together, sincerely. We are at a unique place and time in history where we need to use our talents in ways to help others. We need to collaborate and amplify everyone’s efforts. Artists are emotional documentarians. Everything has to be so much more intentional these days, as we create, as artists, from a certain sense of urgency with everything going on around us. I always try to digest, reflect and observe, and take in everything around me. Art comes with responsibility; I’ve been just as busy if not more so now with everything going on."

-Klassik, June 2, 2020

#RockTheStream: Get to know Klassik & Urban Ecology Center 🎧 🌿


KLASSIK's #rockthestream

June 4

Multi-instrumentalist producer/singer/rapper/songwriter from Milwaukee, WI, pulling from years of jazz saxophone study and music production to craft a unique blend of rap/jazz/soul.

Klassik is as dexterous a rapper as he is an impassioned and soulful singer, often highlighted by his intense and incisive falsetto. All of this is intertwined with his own unique, personal and unbridled storytelling. With a penchant for curation and collaboration, which he likens to that of one of his biggest inspirations, Quincy Jones, Klassik’s production is crafted with intent, beauty and depth of musicality. 

Most recent album (QUIET, 2019) was named the #1 album of 2019 by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and garnered awards for Best Solo Artist and Critic’s Choice for Album of the Year at the 2019 Radio Milwaukee Music Awards.


A true class act, Klassik works to stir the souls of listeners into action with empathy, passion, and purpose through his own self-reflective sonic art.    


June 4, 2020 @ 7pm CDT

About Urban Ecology Center

Mission: We connect people in cities to nature and each other.

Vision: Our vision is to inspire generations to build environmental curiosity, understanding, and respect. We restore hope and heal our urban natural world, neighborhood by neighborhood.


Rock the Green performance 2017 Sustainability Festival & with Foreign Goods 2016 Sustainability Festival

”I had the honor of playing the pedal power stage at Rock the Green's 2017 Sustainability Festival and with Foreign Goods at RTG's 2016 Festival...the beauty of that stage is a testament to the goal of the Festival & Rock the Green, which is sustainability and the collective power of change and evolution. Without all of the bikes and people putting forth their physical energy, we would have no sound...there would be no music. Everyone has to be on the same accord for that stage to work, just like our efforts in sustainability and leaving a safer, greener space for generations to come must be. If we are not banding together and combining our unique talents and thoughts to actually create change, than we are just talking and wasting precious time. We should all be very well aware now that our ignorance to the health of our planet has put us in dire straights, but once we get the majority to fully realize that and then furthermore engage, we stand a far greater chance at undoing some of the harm and more importantly, putting systems in place to sustain those efforts, and our planet's well-being." -Klassik

2017 Commemorative Poster.png
2016 Commemorative Poster.png

Photo Credit: Lee Matz

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