Feel Good Music: Get to Know Olen Franklin & Victory Garden Initiative

“Music is so very powerful,” Olen Franklin enthusiastically shared on our weekly Rock the Stream Zoom, “No matter what is going on in the world, you always have music. Music helps you get through your day. As an artist I like to think of the music that my band and I create as ‘feel good music.’ Music transcends everything!” Throughout his illustrious career in the Milwaukee music scene, Franklin has been able to share his joy of music as a medium to connect our community with a wide array of fellow artists. In addition, Franklin serves as a special education teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools, where he mainly works one on one with students with disabilities, and has a passion for working

Rock the Barn with Dead Horses, Milwaukee Water Commons & The Nature Conservancy in Wisconsin

“This has been one of the strangest years anyone could imagine,” Dead Horses bassist Dan Wolff shared on a recent Zoom call with Rock the Green, “Being a musician, it’s really weird to not be playing shows. We cancelled up to 100 dates and are at home, picking up some other jobs and enjoying domesticated life these days. In reality, it’s been nice to just hit the pause button and allow our lives to breathe a bit outside of touring and the band.” Singer-songwriter and Dead Horses guitarist Sarah Vos echoed her bandmates' sentiments. “We have had to reprioritize a lot of things in life this year. This has been a break in reality for everybody, and what makes it fascinating is that we are all

Moving Beyond Water as a Utility

Water is life. Our survival depends on access to safe, clean water for drinking, hand-washing, toilet-flushing, agriculture, and recreation. But how do we look at water? The answer will shape our actions and determine how we move forward in building a sustainable and just Milwaukee water future. Often water is thought of as something to be owned, used, or controlled, which places the immediate wants of humans before the needs of our planet, jeopardizing clean air and water for future generations. Alternatively, we can ground our thinking in the knowledge that our health and well-being are interconnected with that of our common waters. Instead of owning or controlling, we work in partnership

Music, The Universal Language: Get to Know Peter Thomas & Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra 🎼✨

“Music is my tool to bring people together… it is such a universal language to unite the community,” Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra cellist extraordinaire, Peter Thomas stated on our weekly Rock the Stream Zoom. “Music is the language of the soul,” echoed Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO) Executive Director, Linda Edelstein on the same call. “We bring students from all over the region together who are incredibly diverse as individuals. Their passion for music unites them all and helps them foster meaningful relationships and lifelong connections. To quote our students, ‘kids find their tribe in MYSO.’ They are so amazingly supportive of one another. We believe so much in the holistic

Arts & Activism: Get to Know Chris Porterfield & BLOC

Traditionally, when an artist has a new record, there is an album release party followed by a lengthy tour. Such was going to be the case with 'Brake Light Red Tide', the fourth LP released by Milwaukee’s folk-rock powerhouse, Field Report, when it came out in late April. With the quarantine in place in regards to the COVID19 pandemic, singer-songwriter, Christopher Porterfield, once again had to approach things a little differently. “My favorite part of this job of being a songwriter is sharing, receiving, and giving energy with others. When you’re at a show you share something together and its bigger than just any one person. This is a whole different world that we’re living in right now

Rockin' Recipe: The Tandem Pickling Brine🥒🥕

"Folks are always asking about our pickling brine here at the Tandem... summer produce is in full swing, it's a good time to have a pickling brine in one's back pocket, right?" -Caitlin We couldn't agree more Caitlin, thanks for sharing!! Ingredients: Equal parts water and white vinegar in a large, non-reactive saucepan A good sprinkle each: Whole black peppercorns Dill seed Mustard powder Dehydrated onion flakes (or onion powder if you don’t have flakes) Pinch crushed red pepper (or more if you like your pickles spicy) 4-6 bay leaves 1 - 1 ½ cup sugar 4-5 hefty pinches salt 3 cloves garlic smashed and/or cut in half (do not need to peel cloves) Stir all ingredients together well and bring t






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