3 Concerts, 3 Nonprofits, 1 Day. Rock the Stream LIVE Extravaganza. Get to Know the Artists & Orgs

If there is one thing just about every performing artist on the planet misses during this unusual pandemic year, it is performing in front of real live people. The COVID19 pandemic has forced us all to reexamine how we go about our day-to-day business and has thrown a sweeping curveball at both the non-profit and artistic sectors of our community. On Sunday, October 11th, Rock the Green presents Rock the Stream LIVE Extravaganza at the Harley-Davidson Museum from 1pm-6pm, tickets are $10 per concert.-

It will showcase three of Milwaukee’s top musical acts (and Rock the Green alums): De La Buena, Lex Allen, and Trapper Schoepp performing live sets in a safe manner, socially distanced on the world-famous Pedal Power Stage, pairing each artist with a nonprofit organization benefitting our community at this time.

Recently, Rock the Green had a chance to catch up with the artists and representatives of the nonprofit agencies they are partnering with for a Zoom call.

De La Buena/Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts: 1:00-2:00 p.m. Sunday, October 11

“Not getting to see people is not much fun,” shared Mark Lawson of the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts. “This pandemic has been pretty isolating for us as a community-based organization.”  In the simplest of terms, the Riverwest bassed Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts is based on the concept that creativity strengthens the community. Founded in 1979, the organization has run on volunteer power, hosting art exhibits, and local, regional, and national jazz and experimental music performers. “We’re a happening place that isn’t happening that much at the moment,” Lawson chuckled. “However, we’re doing our best to create an online presence, streaming shows, and whatnot. Still, it’s hard when you don’t see people on the other end.”

David Wake, of De La Buena, can relate. “A huge part of De La Buena is building community and bringing people together. It is hard not to spend time with our people. Both culture and community are as important as the music.”

Since the pandemic hit in March, many of De La Buena’s perennial dates around town at various music festivals have bee