LIVE @ Harley-Davidson Museum: WhiskeyBelles & the Wisconsin Humane Society 🐶 🐱

The WhiskeyBelles to Rock the Stream with the Wisconsin Humane Society, Both Virtually & In-Person at the Harley-Davidson Museum

Rock the Stream is being hosted outdoors at the Harley-Davidson Museum. Harley-Davidson Museum’s Tim McCormick stated that the H-D Museum is proud to host this event for the Humane Society, and he’s also a big fan of the WhiskeyBelles. People who want to attend in person can do so by purchasing a table. There are 20 tables available, and each one will be socially distanced from the other tables. The H-D Museum has asked that people who are attending in person either have a table with members of their family or people with whom they have chosen to be in their quarantine group.

If you have the covid isolation blues, here’s a lighthearted Americana rock show that’s sure to chase “them blues” away, whether you choose to attend in-person or virtually. And this is a party for a great cause.

The Covid pandemic has taken Summerfest away, along with the in-person version of Rock the Green and countless other music festivals, events, and get-togethers. So it’s not every day, given the current environment, that Milwaukeeans have the opportunity to attend a truly amazing musical event: a three-piece Americana rock band with beautiful, powerful harmonies playing a gig at a socially distanced event at one of the best venues in town to support a truly worthy cause: the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Going back to the roots of Rock the Green's mission, creating a sustainable ecosystem in concert with each other, the concert will be powered by the Velo Femmes and Cadence, local female cycling clubs, who pedal to power the lights and sound system. This has been a longtime fan favorite at past Rock the Green Sustainability Festivals and Earth Day Celebrations.

The WhiskeyBelles, who in a normal year would be playing Summerfest (and about 65 to 75 other shows in biergartens, pubs and festivals around the state), are going to perform Rock the Stream’s 17th live-stream and first in person concert at the Harley-Davidson Museum, Thursday, August 27th at 7 PM. “Covid has been hard in that way, because normally we’d be playing music all summer,” said bassist Sara Moilanen, adding brightly, “but at least it’s given us a summer in terms of having fun and camping.”

The light-hearted, find-the-bright-side attitude is like their music—which is also filled with gorgeous harmonies, fast-paced rhythms, and a nice riffing fiddle over all—and their lyrics that are filled with country wit and folk wisdom. The Belles are a three-piece female group, consisting of Chrissy Dzioba on Guitar and Vocals, Kimmy Unger on fiddle and vocals, and Sara Moilanen on bass and vocals. All three had previous successes as solo musicians and in other bands prior to forming WhiskeyBelles in 2011. They were inspired to create their group in part by the Grammy-winning, best-selling country album Trio of longtime friends and celebrated musicians Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, and Linda Ronstadt.

During our Zoom interview, Moilanen enthusiastically explained, “Chrissy is Dolly, I’m Linda, and Kimmy is Emmylou!” Unger added that other than Trio, their influences include Indigo Girls and Pistol Annies. She added that she also drew inspiration from great “singer songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Do