Save The Barn 🌾 : An urgent request for your support & the story of Pedal Power 🚴‍♀️

We hosted two Rock the Stream's at Dan's magical music barn and had 10 more shows slated to take place there along with pedal power to power the live shows. Tragically, the barn was impacted by a fire on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 4th at 3pm. Please see details below along with a Go Fund Me link to help Dan and The Barn.

Dan Aukofer and Dan O’Brien, the founders and creators of the Power by the People have been long-time environmental advocates- dating back to the first Earth Day.

Dan Aukofer explains, “Oh my, to think about the history of the Pedal Power Stage, we have to go way back to the very first Earth Day, back in 1970. Dan O’Brien, my wife and I were part of a folk assembly event that our high school (New Berlin West) put on in celebration of the very first Earth Day. Dan O’Brien and I put together the sound system, my wife sang at the event, and Dan performed as well. He is a guitarist. Then, a year later, we were in a class together that required a major project. Our project was a multi-media production- with five projectors, three screens, and movies and pictures from all over the country for an environmental production. We shared this with the entire school, and in many ways, this was the start of our environmental consciousness, something that has stuck with all of us since that time. Thinking about ways to be better environmental stewards is just something that my wife and Dan O’Brien and I have always been about.”

Dan Aukofer and Dan O’Brien were blessed to work with a multitude due of different artists as sound engineers, ranging from local acts like Willy Porter and the BoDeans, who grew to more national and international fame, to larger national and international acts, like the Red Hot Chili Peppers who Aukofer and O’Brien worked with at the North Pole for a Molson Gold contest.

“About twelve years ago, I was a spin instructor, and had an idea while biking,” Dan Aukofer shared. “Both Dan O’Brien and I had both been audio engineers since high school, and I thought about the amount of power being wasted watching the bikers ride their stationary bikes in the spin class. Then, I thought about the sound and light shows that Dan and I engineered and about how much energy was being wasted there too, and I wondered, is there a way to create a live concert experience that could include the concept of people creating energy and power for the band, and the whole concept of “Power by the People” was born. The big question we asked was, ‘how can we turn these spin bikes into power generating machines?’ and the who idea of ‘pedal power’ was born.”

“There is no one doing something this sophisticated in terms of sound and light, and powering it with human power,” Aukofer added with an ear-to-ear grin. “We can literally power an entire rock band with a good-sized sound system, all with human power. Obviously, we have thought this through, as different bands have different amounts of members and unique power needs. All of the energy generated by the bikers either goes towards powering the band and the audio-visual equipment for the stage itself or else is pooled into the back-up generator, which also supplem