Rockin' Recipe: Shully's Summer Green Gazpacho 🥒🧅🌿

Lookin' for an amazing summer snack that will make your mouth water and make you feel healthy? Shully's Cuisine's rockin' Summer Green Gazpacho is the snack for you! It taste incredible, is vegan, gluten free and keto friendly plus it looks adorable!

Ingredients & Instructions:

Ingredients- makes 3 quarts, serves 12 with an 8 oz portion.

*All ingredients to go directly into blender

  • 6 roasted green tomatillos (size of golf ball or larger) - oven @350, remove pepper skin on outside of tomatillo, remove stem, olive oil, salt, & pepper on a parchment lined sheet trey, roast 45 min. remove and chill.

  • 1 bundle asparagus - bottoms chopped off (woody texture), blanching: pot of hot water boiling, add asparagus for ½ minute till green color is vibrant, remove and add to Iced cold water. Once chilled, remove from water, set aside.

  • 1 bundle cilantro- washed, stems on.

  • 1 bundle mint- washed, leafs off discard stems

  • 1 bundle basil- washed, leafs off discard stems

  • 1 bundle parsley- washed, stems on.

  • 2 long English cucumbers- rough chop to fit in blender

  • 1 can of coconut milk

  • 1 shallot- chopped

  • 1 TBLSP coconut vinegar

  • 1 TSP salt

  • 2 cups of water- add one to blender to start, reserve 1 cup when ingredients need to be thinned out a bit more.

  • Cap on blender and let her rip! Add in cup of water if ingredients are being stubborn and not blending together properly. I like my gazpacho with just a little bit of texture to it, depends on your preference, but blend for 1 min for a little chunk, 2 and a half for a nice thin boi.


  • 1 peach, 1 plum - did a little small dice and topped the gazpacho

Pickled Red Onions- takes over night to create the vibrant pink color

  • 1 Roasted Beet- oven at 350, Skin on, olive oil salt and pepper, roast for 1 hour (if beet is the size of a baseball), or till tender when you stick a fork in it. Remove from oven, peel skin off when still semi hot (use gloves, or cloth you don’t care about because it will get died pink), cut into quarters, put into pot.

  • 1 cup red wine vinegar- put into pot

  • 2 cups water- put into pot

  • ¼ cup sugar- put into pot

  • ¼ cup salt- put into pot

  • 1 TBLSP black pepper corns- use a little tea holder or if for some reason you have cheese cloth at your house make a tiny satchel to hold the pepper corns, otherwise once you get the ingredient boiling you must strain the pepper corns out of the pickling liquid.

  • Throw all this into a small pot and let her rip, boil for about 3 min while you cut up your onion.

  • 1 Red onion- cut in thin half-moon style, remove skin, and cut onion in half from butt to tip. Cut off the butt on an angle so you are left with a little turtle shell of onion nothing holding all the layers together. Follow the non-cut sides of the onion with your knife doing thin slices to create the half-moon cut, this is also called emincer cut- look at you learning French cutting techniques getting all fancy!

  • Throw those bad boi onions you just sliced and add them to a container you will properly seal later. Pour the hot pickling liquid over and leave out at room temp for an hour, then pop into the fridge overnight. The beets will create the lovely pink color you know and love, and the vinegar/sugar/salt mix will pickle that little onion slice. This will keep for a month or two in your fridge if you properly seal it up, and don’t use your bare hands to grab the onions out of the container, gross. We in a pandemic y’all don’t cross contaminate with ya dirty fingers.


Pop your fave popcorn- or buy a bag who cares, take a little truffle salt and coconut oil to toss with the popcorn and you created a tasty little snack/garnish for your gazpacho!