Best of Both Worlds: Get to Know Kaylee Crossfire & Kia Rap Princess with TBEY Arts Center 🎤⚡️

Kaylee Crossfire and Kia Rap Princess sometimes go by the name “Best of Both Worlds,” when together. The two self-described “rap sisters in crime,” are close friends, and artists whose similar, yet uniquely different, passion for their craft and community brings them together.

A longstanding advocate for female artists in the community, Kaylee has run the Milwaukee Female Takeover Showcase for the past five years, providing diverse female artists (including musicians, poets, dance teams, and stylists) a space to share while empowering and supporting one another.

“When we have had the Female Takeover Showcase, the vibe in the room is phenomenal and the community response is terrific- the event is packed every year,” Kaylee shared on our Zoom interview.

Even during this year’s unprecedented times, Kaylee hopes to keep the showcase going, with an online event broadcasting from the Cactus Club where the Female Takeover Showcase was slated to occur. “We have to get over the negative images that are fed to us about what women should be,” Kaylee shared. Kaylee Crossfire has not let the COVID19 pandemic hit her creativity. In fact, recently she launched a line of clothing FireGang Apparel, to add to her artistic and creative endeavors.

Kia Rap Princess has also been staying quite busy these days. An artistic mainstay of the Milwaukee hip hop scene, Kia has been expanding her craft and is involved in many different facets of the Milwaukee arts scene. Along with Kaylee, Kia is a regular leader at protests throughout the Greater Milwaukee area following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, including recently speaking in Port Washington at a rally organized by high school students there. Kia shared our recent Zoom interview, “This situation right now matters and it’s becoming more and more global. We need to use our voices and make an impact.”

And an impact, Kia is making, no doubt. A self-made innovator with continuous curiosity about the world around her, Kia has recently graduated from a tech program which featured her learning to use and develop web-based tech skills through