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omTown Yogis Guided Nature Walk Meditation

omTown Yogis has been a Rock the Green Eco-Champ over the years at our Annual Earth Day Celebration and Sustainability Festival. RTG Eco-Champs are non-profits and organizations that share similar core values with our mission. We have partnered and collaborated with over 100 organizations over the years and provide them the opportunity to showcase their unique mission, in addition to eco-education, both virtually and on-site at our RTG zero waste events.

omTown Yogis at Rock the Green Sustainability Festival

omTown has hosted yoga sessions for kids at the Eco-Kids solar-powered stage at the RTG Sustainability Festivals. We had plans for omTown to host a yoga session at our 9th Annual Earth Day Celebration that was to take place on April 18th. In lieu of that, please join Elise Krause of omTown Yogis on a guided nature walk meditation.

This meditation uses the natural world to anchor our attention in the present moment. In this way, we cultivate an appreciation for our environment and develop skills of focus and acceptance. This can be done while seated, standing, or walking outdoors. This can also be practiced while seated indoors, simply placing yourself in the mental space of being in a natural space.

Recharge. Refresh. Reconnect.

Self-care is important, especially now. That's why omTown decided to continue their popular yoga series, which is normally hosted at the Milwaukee Art Museum, online with Virtual Yoga at MAM!

Take time to pause, meditate, and come together with your local yoga community—from wherever you might be.

omTown's next Virtual Yoga at MAM is on Saturday, May 16th at 8:30am.

Donations to omTown are appreciated for this Free event.

omTown's April 9th

Virtual Yoga at MAM, taught by Elise, is available here:


Elise is the creator of Yoga Ordinaera and a highly knowledgeable teacher who shares the value of her years of experience with her students. She initially came to yoga to prevent injury during her Division III cross-country career over a decade ago. Beyond athletics, the practice drew her into a deeper relationship with what it means to find harmony and strength in the simple act of being. ​

Her approach to teaching blends years of training in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative yoga with a background in orthopedics and somatic movement, guiding students to embody their own inherent worth and potential.


omTown Yogis mission is to cultivate community of yoga practitioners, teachers & studios in Greater Milwaukee and to leverage it toward local social good.

WE BELIEVE that yoga includes physical & contemplative practices among many other techniques and forms. Skillfully practiced, it is good for our bodies and minds, and it also inherently awakens our individual sense of compassion and community connection.

OUR CAUSE We spent our first 7 years building community, now it's time to build its diversity. Milwaukee has undeniably stark issues based in social disparities while everyday Milwaukeeans want nothing more than to have a happy, thriving culture for everyone. But what to do? Yoga has the power to not only bring well-being to body & mind of individuals, but also to bring people together and light up our sense of community. We believe it is a natural tool to help MAKE MILWAUKEE WHOLE. #makeMKEwhole #makeMKEone

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