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As the 50th anniversary of Earth Day is upon us, I’ve had an opportunity to look back on my small role in launching the original Earth Day in 1970, which was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Senator Gaylord Nelson.

OK, I was an idealistic, almost-teenager, influenced by Neil Young vinyl, "look at Mother Nature on the run in the 1970’s", and the destructive spraying of DDT on Dutch Elm Trees in my Whitefish Bay neighborhood, which killed lots of birds and critters, and didn’t save the trees. I learned how events can spark action, and how important of a role anyone can play as a catalyst for ecological balance.

50 years later, as we come to grips with the realities of climate change, sustainability has become a mainstream profession in many large corporations. Recently, I had the pleasure of two guests on my CRAVING THE FUTURE podcast to share ideas on the FUTURE OF SUSTAINABILITY. This podcast which will be available in iTunes and other podcast channels, was inspired by Lindsay Stevens, Executive Director of Rock the Green. Rock the Green’s mission is to create a sustainable ecosystem in concert with each other by educating, engaging and empowering the community to take eco-actionable steps to live, work, and play.

FUTURE OF SUSTAINABILITY features Rachel Schneider Director, Sustainability & Business Planning, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, and Kim MarottaGlobal Senior Director of Sustainability and Risk ManagementMolson Coors Beverage Company.

Kim and Rachel are both dedicated to a holistic approach to sustainability with their respective brands. They see the future of sustainability as being more integrated among stakeholders, and more embedded within all aspects of how business is run. A broader perspective on sustainability includes social health and governance and well as environment.

Integrating sustainability into all aspects of an organization is becoming essential. Last year’s letter from BlackRock CEO Larry Fink announced that “Our investment conviction is that sustainability and climate-integrated portfolios can provide better risk-adjusted returns to investors.” In short, get your sustainability game on.

As a result of COVID-19 impacts, Earth Day this year is going mostly virtual. Rock the Green's 9th Annual Earth Day Celebration is transforming Earth Day into Earth Year presented by Harley-Davidson, which truly taps into their goal of leaving a lighter footprint.

We will launch the Future of Sustainability in a few days..stay tuned!

Have you ever wished to see the future early? CRAVING THE FUTURE features conversations with the most intriguing innovation luminaries of our times. Each episode conveys the best thinking on the future of innovation in different aspects of society, business and culture. Led by Michael Perman, Head of innovation strategy firm C'EST WHAT? LLC and former innovation, insights and branding executive at Gap, Inc and Levi's.

25 CRAVING THE FUTURE podcast episodes are available including the Future of Music Industry, Outdoors, Innovation, Coffee, Reading and more.

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