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Eco-Rocking Summer Concerts

Rock the Green feature blogger, Becky Migas, takes a look enjoying the summer music scene in eco-rocking style.

Even though you won’t be rocking in green style with Rock the Green in September it doesn’t mean you can’t be eco-friendly as you attend other outdoor festivals and events this year. Here are some tips and tricks to being eco – friendly and still rock!


Most outdoor concerts and festivals offer recycling at their event. Additionally, some festivals also include composting as an option. When done with your trash, pay attention to the signs and be sure that it is disposed of in the proper location. Also, remember to not litter the festival grounds!

Water Bottles


dration is key to surviving a hot summer outdoor event. However, water bottles can create a lot of waste. Before heading out check the event’s website to see if it permits reusable water bottles on the grounds and if free refill stations will be available. Make sure you know where the stations are located so you can use your bottle all weekend. Reusable bottles mean there will be no water bottle waste and savings for you to spend more money on other options!

Good Housekeeping rated some of the best Bisphenol A (BPA)-free water bottles on the market to help you find the perfect one for your festival adventures! If water bottles are not allowed on site, be sure to find a place to recycle your plastic bottles!


Avoid the sun ruining your festival experience by properly protecting your skin with sunscreen. There are a lot of options out there, but only a few are good for the environment. Consider buying sunscreens that are organic and natural such as Tropical Sands or Nature’s Gate Mineral Sportblock. A full list of eco-friendly sunscreens can be found on The Daily Green.


Let’s not jinx it, but, unfortunately, rain does happen during outdoor events. Most events tend to go on if the weather is not too severe for the patrons and artists, so be prepared and back some rain gear just in case. Earth911 offers some options for raincoats and boots to help keep you dry in those rain emergencies.


Festivals hosted over several days usually offer patrons a space to camp for the duration of the event. When camping try to be the least disruptive to the natural environment as you possibly can. Remember to pack trash bags to clean up your site when ready to leave. If you’re not a regular camper ask friends, family or neighbors to use their camping gear instead of buying new items. If you plan to camp more often then check out some eco-friendly options when it comes to tents and sleeping bags. Additional eco-friendly camping tips are available at Treehugger.


Before heading to out the event for a fun time think about how you are getting to the location and if there are alternative transportation options. Look for friends who are going to the same event to carpool together. The event’s website may also have opportunities for ride-share programs that you can use to get to there. You can also check to see if the event is located on a bus or metro rail route. Also, some festivals will offer a secure bike area. Again, check their website to find out what opportunities are available before getting in the car.


Of course you have to keep your cell phones, MP3 players and all necessary electronics charged during the course of the festival. Instead of running the car charger or using a gas-fired generator, consider using a solar powered charger!

So now you are prepared and ready to rock your summer festival experience in eco-friendly style! Now get out and enjoy the sun and some great live music this summer!

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