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When it comes to cities, Milwaukee’s been called America’s best kept secret. We may not be a big city, but that has never stopped us from accomplishing big things. After all, we’re home to six Fortune 500 companies, surrounded by world-class museums, and host to one of the world's greenest music festivals, Rock the Green!


What’s not a secret is that plastic pollution is an epidemic affecting every part of our planet and we know our city can do it’s part to make a difference right here at home. Because every piece of plastic ever made is here to stay, our focus now needs to shift from recycling to reducing. And reducing begins with all of us—refusing.

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You are more powerful than you think.

Signing a pledge shows our community that you care about the damage plastic is doing to our city and are committed to making a change.

You are not just clicking a button. You are making your voice heard, Milwaukee. Your pledge is more powerful than you think.

Every bit of plastic that has ever been created still exists today. We depend on plastic and now we’re drowning in it. Our rivers and Great Lakes are feeling the impact of the plastic epidemic, and it is impacting everything from our beer to our beaches. Join us in advocating for a cleaner, brighter Milwaukee. 

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We love our beer here in #BrewCity! But a not-so-fun fact is that because our Great Lakes are suffering from plastic pollution, 100% of beer brewed with water from the Great Lakes contain microplastics (plastic fibers). You don’t need to give up beer. Just give up the single-use cups!

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Nowadays we are reminded more than ever how our health and the health of the environment are intricately linked.

We hope you're able to take time today for gratitude and action for our beautiful home planet!

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Most plastics found in fish are from plastic bags. Bringing your own reusable cloth bag makes a difference. Join us in refusing single use plastic bags.

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