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Badger Meter is all about water conservation, and we are too! Badger Meter's water technology solutions help people around the world make the most efficient use of water possible. 


​Rock the Green doesn’t sell plastic water bottles at our Sustainability Festival. Thanks to Badger Meter, they underwrite the cost of free & freshwater stations and reusable water bottles...that’s right, free water! Better yet, Badger Meter employees volunteer to run the water stations on-site and love the opportunity to volunteer in a fun and festive way while engaging with the crowd and filling water bottles. Drink that up!

“Rock the Green takes an innovative approach to engage community members to protect our environment, it’s important to celebrate our great city, but it’s even more important to preserve it. We've partnered with Rock the Green since its inaugural Sustainability Festival in 2011 to bring water conservation to the forefront of discussion.”

Rich Meeusen, co-founder, The Water Council and retired CEO of Badger Meter


Click to See how Badger Meter is Rocking their Green

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