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So how green is green? At Rock the Green, we think green is measured by any step taken to protect the environment or to live the three R’s. Green should be simple and easy. Lots of confusion exists about how to compare “green-ness” from business to business and person to person. So, in the spirit of simplicity, Rock the Green has partnered with Eco-Profiles® to make it easy for each person and each business to flaunt your green and celebrate every little eco-step.

So what’s an Eco-Profile? Eco-Profiles are a simple tool for people and businesses to communicate what they are doing environmentally – in one easy to use format. No more ambiguous green claims or misleading slogans, no confusing rating systems or certifications. No complex forms. Simple. Eco-stories.

Want an example? View the Rock the Green Eco-Profile to learn about how we are taking steps to lighten our environmental footprint as a year-round business and as a one-day music festival.

Ready to try it? Don’t be shy! If you turn off the water when you brush your teeth or set your computer to hibernate when not in use or recycle your soda bottles, then you’re green! Create your own Eco-Profile and celebrate! You can even share it with friends on your social network. The best part is watching the Eco-Profile turn into an Eco-Tree™. If you are inspired by us, the Rock the Green tree will grow. And if you inspire others to do their eco-profiles, your EcoTree will begin to grow … exponentially! Progress is contagious.

Try it now!

Rock the Green is proud to be the first music event to display Eco-Profiles! If everyone shares their green efforts and inspires others, environmental progress will become viral, visible and measurable. Remember: This is our collective progress toward a greener lifestyle, it doesn’t have to be perfection.

Build your Eco-Profile today and well, show off a little!

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